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Sister Julie's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019 Harvest

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What Makes Our Olive Oil Great?

Olive Trees

Our Trees

In 2001 we planted our first field. We planted our second in 2003. Now, 1,800 trees are planted on the peaceful slopes of our farm in Sonoma County, California.

It was the nuns of the ancient Tuscan monastery of Valserena, considered to have the finest olive oil in the Cistercian Order of monks and nuns, who suggested this blend of olives to us. “Treat your olive trees like children,” the abbess directed. And we do. We pressed the first oil for ourselves in 2006.


Hand Harvested & Pressed On Site

Like all fresh fruits, olives must be treated gently. Friends, volunteers, and local employees help us pick the olives by hand – an old-fashioned, neighborly way to harvest.

Great olive oil should processed within a few hours. As baskets of fruit are brought in from the field, we begin pressing in the barn.

pizza and salad with olive oil

Heart-Healthy & Delicious

Polyphenols are the antioxidants found in olive oil. Our oil consistently yields high levels, and 2019 harvest was no different at 850 ppm.

Loved by Mediterranean people for centuries, quality artisan olive oil is a new taste experience for many. Our gold-winning, robustly intense oil will enliven your salads and vegetables, wake up a Tuscan bean soup or minestrone, and make a magnificent pesto sauce for your pasta or pizzas!