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General FAQ


How can I place a multiple gift order online?

Can I add a Gift Message?

Can I Mail or Fax my order?


Can I send Shop Items as Gifts?

Can I save my Addresses?

I used to have an Account / Address Book, where are they?

Will I know when the Gift has arrived?

Do you gift wrap items marked as Gifts?


How do you Ship?

Do you offer Expedited Shipping?

When can I expect my Order?

My Cart says there a No Shipping Methods Available

Gift Cards

Do you sell Gift Cards?

How do I purchase a Gift Card?

How are Gift Cards Issued & Redeemed?

More on Gift Cards

Returns & Exchanges

What Is Your Return & Exchange Policy?

How do I Cancel an order?

About Our Olive Oil

Is Sister Julie's Olive Oil Certified Organic?

How should I store Sister Julie's Olive Oil?

Where is Sister Julie's Olive Oil Produced?

How long does Sister Julie's Olive Oil last?

Wholesale Orders

Do you sell Sister Julie's Olive Oil Wholesale?